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New view on Create Issue screen for Wiki Editor



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      Atlassian Update - 26 February 2021

      Hi Everyone,


      We'd like to give you an update on the progress of the work regarding the new Issue Create experience. The project is firmly on track and the team is working towards completing the project on time. We are also exploring avenues internally to expedite this work in order to hopefully roll this out to customers sooner. We'd like to reiterate that we are fully aware of the inconveniences the existing Issue Create causes to our customers and we know that it is not the most ideal experience. We are working towards solving most of the problems that have been raised. 

      The reason why this project is time-consuming is because of the need to build this experience from scratch in the backend and also to ensure that we support the staggering number of fields that the existing Issue Create experience supports. We do not want to roll something out to customers that will only be able to support a small subset of the fields and issue types that exist on their instances/projects. We predict that this would lead to even greater levels of frustration for our customers. 

      Some of the key improvements you can expect from the new Issue Create experience are:

      • A game-changing improvement in performance and reliability. The new issue experience will be fast and also fast at scale.
      • The new editor will be integrated into the new Issue Create experience which will be in line with the Issue View experience. You will no longer have to skip entering the description field during the creation of an issue. 
      • Look and feel parity of other fields on the new Issue Create when compared with Issue View
      • A simpler attachment upload functionality
      • Adding the option to add certain fields onto the Issue Create form that was not possible before (we are still investigating this)
      • We have also taken cognizance of certain improvement suggestions from this thread and others and assure you that we will attempt to incorporate these suggestions into the new experience as well
      • Other minor, but important improvements

      Over the course of the past few months, we have also made backend improvements to the performance of the existing Issue Create experience. Our data shows that now the existing Issue Create loads, on average, 34% faster for our customers. 

      Please be assured that we are actively working on this project and will continue to share updates. We thank you for the patience shown so far and ask that you continue to bear with the current experience for some more time. 


      Thank you.

      Arjoon Som
      Product Manager, Jira Cloud


      When creating an Issue in Jira, text Wiki renderable fields such as the Description field are displayed in text mode which does not format the wiki markup syntax. This happens because the Create Issue screen still uses the old view.

      This means that on the Create screen, you're seeing a bunch of symbols (+,*,-,{) and need to rely on knowing the syntax and seeing the output after creating the issue or by changing the field to "view" mode.



      Apply the new Jira issue view in the Create Issue screen so the formatting of the Wiki markup is clearly visible.


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