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Jira Issue Calendar Gadget considering GMT instead of the default user time zone for Date Time Picker values



      When we set a Date Time Picker in an issue, it will show fine in the view issue screen. However, Jira Issue Calendar gadget can show the issue on a wrong date, depending on the Default user time zone set in the instance.


      • JIRA Cloud

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set the Default user time zone of the instance to i.e. GMT-5;
      2. Set the date in a Date Time Picker custom field (upon creation) to be Dez 11, at 7 pm;
      3. In the Calendar gadget the issue shows on Dez 12;
      4. If we check the date and time in the database, Jira seems to be considering the GMT (Z) instead of the users' GMT.

      Expected Results

      • Calendar gadget shows the date as Dez 11.

      Actual Results

      • Calendar gadget shows then date as Dez 12.


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