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Do not remove values with no (zero) counts from statistics portlets



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      i set up various two-dimensional portlets where on my x-axis i have a custom field (issue type) and on the y-axis another custom field (module).

      I then set up a portlet for each version of my software release. this way i can see how many issues i have for each module by type and version.

      what i would like is for values that don't have a number to still appear. For example:

      Say i have the following Modules in the database:

      Module 1
      Module 2
      Module 3

      Now on my report for all the issues by type for version 1.0 i have a grid that looks like this roughly:

      Bug Enhancement
      Module 1 2 1
      Module 2 3 4
      Module 3 1 0

      Now the issue arises when say Module 3 has no issues for this given version...Module 3 doesn't even appear on the report. Similarly if there are no bugs for this version, that column doesn't even appear.

      I would like it if they appeared but had 0 for a value. This way the report looks the same all the time. It's easier to copy & paste into excel if i need to. i can just do more with it. plus it looks cleaner.

      I'm attaching a screen shot of how it looks a little weird in my environment.


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