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      Atlassian Update - 17 April 2015

      Hi everyone,

      We've recently received some commentary through other channels, so I thought I would provide an update to reiterate our position on this issue.

      JIRA's voting system was initially designed for cases where JIRA served as a public bug tracker or feature request management system, like or

      As JIRA has matured, we have focused more and more on teams using JIRA for internal software development. Voting provides a useful way to capture quantitative feedback when your issues are public; however, it is not intended as a way for small development teams to prioritize their work.

      We recognize that everyone uses JIRA differently, and that not having this feature makes it more difficult for teams to implement a strict prioritization-by-voting process with JIRA. However, our current focus is on improving the usability and performance for teams planning using components, versions, backlogs and boards. In short, additional functionality for voting is not a priority for us for the foreseeable future.

      If you have any questions, please email me.

      Dave Meyer
      Prodct Manager, JIRA Platform

      Currently, it is not possible for a reporter to vote for their own issue. It would be nice to allow reporters to vote for their issue - perhaps make this optional.

      A use case would be:

      "QA manager may log bugs but also be part of the committee that chooses bugs to be fixed via voting."


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