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Arrangement order for Stash Servers in where do you want to create the branch dialog



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Problem Definition

      It's currently not possible to easily change the order in which you would like Stash Servers to be displayed on the "Where do you want to create the branch" dialog screen for Creating Branch in JIRA, especially when you have multiple Stash Servers. The screen only allows a maximum of 3 Stash Applications to be displayed at once, but allows you to scroll to find other hidden Stash Servers. Sometimes even the Primary Stash Server configured is hidden in the bottom of this list.

      Problem is that the visibility of Servers that are at the bottom of the list and need to be scrolled to reach is quite low, so this becomes an inconvenience when your mostly used Stash Server is always hidden by default from the screen until you scroll to reach it.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement more intuitive arrangement order for Stash Servers in the "Where do you want to create the branch" dialog screen.

      • One way to do this is to allow the Stash Servers to appear in the same order set in the Application Navigator.


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