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Cannot enable Secure Administrator Sessions after Cloud Migration




      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


      After migrating from JIRA Cloud, Secure Administrator Sessions are disabled.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Generate a JIRA Cloud Backup and follow these instructions for Migrating from JIRA Cloud to JIRA Server:


      2. Login with a user that has JIRA System Administrators Global Permission. This was tested with a new System Administrator users as well as the default "sysadmin" user.
      3. Go to JIRA Administration (the cog) > System (or any other JIRA Administration menu item.)
      4. You will not be prompted to login again.

      Expected Results

      JIRA Server would enable Secure Administrator Sessions automatically, as it is designed to do by default.

      Actual Results

      Going into any of the JIRA Administration menu items does not prompt for an additional login.


      Even editing the jira-config.properties file with jira.websudo.is.disabled = false (or toggling it between false and true) does not enable the Secure Administrator session login prompt.


      Please ensure you have up to date JIRA DB backup before performing below tasks.

      Before performing below workaround, let us first check whether there is an entry for jira.websudo.is.disabled property in DB.

      • Run below SQL query. This will return one entry if exist in DB, list down the ID # which needed under workaround section. If no result return, do not perform workaround.
        select * from propertyentry where property_key like '%websudo%';
        Example below
        select * from propertyentry where property_key like '%websudo%';
          id   |   entity_name   | entity_id |       property_key       | propertytype
         10044 | jira.properties |         1 | jira.websudo.is.disabled |            1
        (1 row)
      Update jira.websudo.is.disabled
      1. Shutdown JIRA
      2. Run below query to update the propertytype value from 1 (T) to 0 (F). Replace <ID> below with the correct ID(above example would be 10044).
        UPDATE propertyentry set propertytype=0 where id=<ID>;
      3. Start JIRA
      4. Verify it under Administration >> System Info page, the jira.websudo.is.disabled property should be set to false.


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