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Jira does not close handles of old index properly


      This is a possible regression of JRA-29587

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. install JIRA 5.2.11 in linux and create mass number of projects and issues
      2. edit or comment on some issue. Run the "lsof +L1" command.
      3. deleted opened files still being display. example (snippet of it):
        java      6337 janetalbion  644r   REG   0,19  1147106     0  410788 /home/janetalbion/supportinstance/jsp/jira5211/home/caches/indexes/comments/_g1.tis (deleted)
        java      6337 janetalbion  681r   REG   0,19  2715619     0  410805 /home/janetalbion/supportinstance/jsp/jira5211/home/caches/indexes/comments/_g1.frq (deleted)
        java      6337 janetalbion  682r   REG   0,19  1318707     0  410807 /home/janetalbion/supportinstance/jsp/jira5211/home/caches/indexes/comments/_g1.prx (deleted)
        java      6337 janetalbion  683r   REG   0,19 12637805     0  410793 /home/janetalbion/supportinstance/jsp/jira5211/home/caches/indexes/comments/_g1.fdt (deleted)
        java      6337 janetalbion  684r   REG   0,19   289524     0  410794 /home/janetalbion/supportinstance/jsp/jira5211/home/caches/indexes/comments/_g1.fdx (deleted)
      • even though the ERROR "too many opened" files might not be thrown immediately, after some times, JIRA still need a restart to clear the opened files

      Additional notes:

      • re-indexing while locking the instance will not reproduce this behaviour
      • not easy to reproduce with small instance. It's become easier to reproduce when instance is larger. So far tested with vanilla instance with approximately 5000 issues and it can be reproduce more frequently compare to 100 issues.
      • the list of open files might disappear on it's own (without performing any operation, some of the open files are no longer appearing when "lsof +L1" is executed
      • when Test Disk Speed is run, the result is Excellent
      • this is so far tested with JIRA 5.2.11


      Please see our Loss of Functionality due to Too Many Open Files Error KB for further information.

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