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Don't auto-highlight entire field upon inline edit



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Auto-highlighting of entire field upon selection for inline editing makes it easy to delete entire description.

      We've just launched Jira defect management in the past couple weeks, and have multiple people notice the following issue:
      1. clicking on a field opens it up for inline editing.
      2. opening a free text field for inline editing highlights the entire text body.
      3. clicking off field saves changes to the selected field.
      This combination of factors causes this to happen:

      1. a laptop user is typing something anywhere (e.g. a word document, or the quick search field).
      2. as can easily happen with a laptop touchpad, they brush against the touchpad, which it interprets as a left-click.
      3. because the mouse arrow was currently hovering over the description field, the description is opened for editing and the entire description is highlighted.
      4. not noticing that focus has changed, the user continues typing, causing the entire description to be deleted.
      5. The user notices that what they have been typing is not appearing in the quick search field, and they click on the quick search field.
      6. the deletion of the description is saved.

      In most cases, people have noticed when they've accidentally deleted large blocks of text. But sometimes they haven't and it has only been caught because a watcher received an edit notification and they questioned why this would happen.


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