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Sorting Select List For Permission List



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      projectPermissions = new ListOrderedMap();
                  projectPermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.PROJECT_ADMIN), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.PROJECT_ADMIN), "Administer Projects", "Ability to administer a project in JIRA.", "admin.permissions.PROJECT_ADMIN", "admin.permissions.descriptions.PROJECT_ADMIN"));
                  projectPermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.BROWSE), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.BROWSE), "Browse Projects", "Ability to browse projects and the issues within them.", "admin.permissions.BROWSE", "admin.permissions.descriptions.BROWSE"));
                  projectPermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.VIEW_VERSION_CONTROL), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.VIEW_VERSION_CONTROL), "View Version Control", "Ability to view Version Control commit information for issues.", "admin.permissions.VIEW_VERSION_CONTROL", "admin.permissions.descriptions.VIEW_VERSION_CONTROL"));
      issuePermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.CREATE_ISSUE), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.CREATE_ISSUE), "Create Issues", "Ability to create issues.", "admin.permissions.CREATE_ISSUE", "admin.permissions.descriptions.CREATE_ISSUE"));
                  issuePermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.EDIT_ISSUE), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.EDIT_ISSUE), "Edit Issues", "Ability to edit issues.", "admin.permissions.EDIT_ISSUE", "admin.permissions.descriptions.EDIT_ISSUE"));
                  issuePermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.SCHEDULE_ISSUE), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.SCHEDULE_ISSUE), "Schedule Issues", "Ability to set or edit an issue's due date.", "admin.permissions.SCHEDULE_ISSUE", "admin.permissions.descriptions.SCHEDULE_ISSUE"));
                  issuePermissions.put(new Integer(Permissions.MOVE_ISSUE), new PermissionImpl(String.valueOf(Permissions.MOVE_ISSUE), "Move Issues", "Ability to move issues between projects or between workflows of the same project (if applicable). Note the user can only move issues to a project he or she has the create permission for.", "admin.permissions.MOVE_ISSUE", "admin.permissions.descriptions.MOVE_ISSUE"));

      The select list to select which permission to make as a condition (adding condition to a workflow based on "Permission Condition") is not arranged in alphabetical order. It is arranged by:

      • Project Permissions
      • Issue Permissions
      • Voters & Watchers Permissions
      • Comments Permissions
      • Attachments Permissions
      • Time Tracking Permissions

      However, inside each of the permission, it is not arranged in alphabetical order. Ideally, it should be arranged by alphabetical order after being grouped into the major permissions.




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