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Method of allowing an end-user to retrieve their JIRA Username on their own is obscure.



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      At our company we have a private installation of JIRA.

      Many of my users whom I administrate contact me to retrieve their JIRA username. I believe the problem stems from a few things in the UI.

      • The link that allows you to retrieve your username says "Forgot Password" and this is located on the login screen when JIRA is running in Private mode.
      • When you click "Forgot Password" the word "Here" is used to tell the user to click to get their username, from what I understand web standards many of these recommend not to using the word "here" to describe any link. Instead describe the link by it's action, and in this case reword the message associated with the 'here' link
      • Finally, the message used to perform the "Here" link is small and has no header like the big "FORGOT PASSWORD" text is displayed in the ForgotPassword!default.jspa box

      Please improve this by improving the following

      • Making the link for the username more clear by changing the login message at to state "Forgot Username/Password" or Creating a new link next to "Forgot Password" called "Forgot Username" which takes you directly to ForgotUsernames!default.jspa
      • or If a combination link is created then please improve the messaging.

      This could make it easier to tell the end user that they can retrieve this information automatically as long as their JIRA e-mail set in their account/JIRA profile is up to date.

      Naturally if the later is not correct I will still have to do it for them, but these tiny little improvements may help go along way.





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