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Permission denied when viewing issue moved from project with security scheme to project with none


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      In one of our projects (SFT) we've just implemented a security scheme. Now, when we move issues from that project to another (VDB) without a security scheme they can no longer be viewed or edited by anyone. Instead an error message stating "Permission Denied" occurs.

      I've verified this is occurring by looking at the database directly. Looking at the record in the "jiraissue" table for one of the problem issues (VDB-491) I've observed that the "security" field remains set after the move - even though the security scheme referenced is not applicable for the new project, VDB. Now, if I directly make the field null for the issue in the database , as it would be if the issue was created directly for that project, the issue magically appears.

      Obviously issues effectively disappearing is very bad. The only workaround that I can think of is to apply the security scheme to ALL projects as issues may be moved between various projects.

      In terms of implementation it seems like there would be two ways to solve this. Once would be to clear the security field as part of the move. The other would be to ignore the security field if the project that the issue is associated with has no security scheme. The second approach appears more favorable as it means that if you move the issue back to the original project then the (probably) appropriate security level is maintained.

      I'm also convinced that the above is happening due to something I noticed when I initially applied the security scheme. I accidentally canceled the operation and was left with half the issues in the project inaccessible. From what I could tell this was because the security field had been set for those issues but the security scheme had not been set for the project. Presumably this done after all the issues have been updated? In that case the fix was just to run through the operation again but it's a bit of a trap so might also want to be addressed.


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