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      Atlassian Update - 23 April 2015

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      Dave Meyer
      Product Manager, JIRA Platform

      I am looking for a way to search for all tasks that a specific user has been involved with.

      For example:
      Tom creates a jira task and assigns it to Sally.
      Sally logs work against the task and runs into a road block that only Jim can solve.
      Sally assigns the task to Jim.
      Jim logs work on the task and assigns it back to Sally.
      Sally logs work and resolves the task.
      Tom reviews and closes the task.

      The task now shows Tom as the reporter and the Assignee. There is no way to know that Sally and Jim worked on the task.

      It would be nice to have a search option to find out that Sally (or Jim) contributed to the task.

      This relates somewhat to JRA-6137


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