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Automatically shift dates of dependent issues based on blocker end date change



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      Dear team,

      As an Advanced Roadmaps Plan user, I would like to be able to automatically shift the start dates and end dates of all issues that are dependant on a particular issue, if the end that of that issue changes.

      Example: There is a blocker bug that blocks start of several stories, and their dependants (testing, documentation, etc.). The expected end date of the bug fix has moved by several days, which means the stories won't be able to start on the expected start date, nor the issues dependent on them, and so one - dozens of work items need to have their dates shifted.

      I would like to be able to auto-shift all the dates (both start end end) of all the issues based on the changes on end dates (or start dates, if using consecutive start of dependencies) - there could possibly be a confirmation step, e.g. "Would you like to shift all dependent issues accordingly, by X days?".

      This requirement has come up repeatedly from many Plans users in our organization, since this is something they are able to do in MS Project easily. It was a blocker for some of them to switch to planning their projects in Jira from MS Project.





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