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Allow scheduling algorithm to use initiative backlog for prioritization as opposed to epic backlog



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Portfolio Server. Using JIRA Portfolio Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.


      Currently the scheduling algorithm uses the stack-ranking of epics to determine scheduling constraints. If an individual creates an initiative later that supersedes another intiative then they have to manually pull up all the epics in that initiative above the epics in another initiative to reflect this relative initiative prioritzation. It would be very helpful if in the scheduling configuration section if you could designate priority on an initiative basis as opposed to an epic basis.


      Our organization is very initiative focused and we determine organizational priorities based on the initiatives. We recently had a late initiative come into place that superseded all other initiatives. As we began to build the plan, bucket work into epics and then stories, some of these high priority epics were seemingly started later than expected causing an unrealistic timeline. This caused a lot of manual work to change the epic prioritization to match the initiative priortization.


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