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Create a single smart value documentation glossary



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      As an automation rule writer
      I want an accurate listing of smart values
      So I can rapidly find what I need to solve my business problems with automation

      Acceptance criteria:

      • An accurate and complete listing of smart values on one documentation page, similar to the REST API documentation
      • Each smart value indicates attributes: data type, scope, and read/write availability
      • Each smart value indicates which functions are available
      • Each smart value provides examples of use
      • Bonus: The glossary is automatically updated when an A4J release to production occurs


      Business value:
      There are several smart value documentation pages. Some of these pages show general smart values listed while others are only shown in the context of the functions that can operate upon the value. Additionally, some of these are inconsistently shown on JIRA Cloud and JSD pages. There is little consistency of which values are available, nor what is the correct syntax for use. An example of this is the "Due Date" smart value, which has different names depending upon whether one wishes to read or write the value.

      Providing a single location for smart value documentation will dramatically improve the ability of customers to use A4J, and reduce Atlassian support costs by eliminating the need for people to make support requests for undocumented features.



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