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Set your site homepage broken



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      Problem Definition

      The page for Set your site homepage appears to be no longer relevant, yet it is still public.

      To set your site homepage:

      1. Go to > Site administration.
      2. Choose Product access in the left panel.
      3. Hit the User defaults button at the top-right of the page.
      4. Pick the default application under the Homepage heading.
      5. Hit Set defaults.
        Your users will now land in your selected product when they log in. Note that it can take up to two hours for your changes to take effect.

      However, when you navigate to the Product access page in the new Cloud User Management, there is no User Defaults button. There appears to still be a possibility if you are running the older version of UM.

      Is this article no longer relevant? Has the method changed to set a site homepage? Is the feature removed?

      Suggested Solution

      Update the article with the new method, or remove the article if it's no longer relevant.

      Why this is important

      Many bugs link to this article as a workaround, which is confusing for Cloud users if it's a feature they can't use anymore.


      As a Jira Administrator, Edit the Jira Introduction Panel at https://<INSTANCE>.atlassian.net/secure/admin/EditApplicationProperties!default.jspa and include a message with a link to Confluence


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