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HipChat Windows & Linux: Internet Required Issue



    • Type: Bug
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      Linux client


      Steps to reproduce:

      • Have a Linux Mint 17.1 "Rebecca" (MATE 64-bit) operating system installed.
      • Install HipChat4 beta via the work-around mentioned here: HCPUB-287
      • Have the old version of HipChat up and running normally, connected to an internal server. (This may not be necessary but mentioning it for completeness.)
      • Launch HipChat4 (beta).
      • Choose to enter an internal server address from the two choices (the second choice on the bottom).
      • Enter a valid internal chat server address (the same address that the old HipChat app is connected to).
      • Enter a valid e-mail address and password.

      This will cause HipChat4 beta to close it's window and quit. (I did not check to see if the process is still running).

      • Relaunch HipChat4 beta.

      This will present the user with a window that loops through a 10 second countdown with no obvious way to stop it, or enter a new server address, or do anything useful really. See the screen shot attached.

      While we're on the topic... oddly the message in the window displayed says that HipChat4 beta is trying to connect to the Internet (which I have an active connection to) but I'm curious why the app is trying to connect to the Internet when I've told it to connect to an internal (to my network) hipchat server? Either the message is wrong, or the app still requires an Internet connection even when connecting to an internal server?


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