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As a user I would like to completely cancel / abort a Sprint



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      User would like to abort / cancel a Sprint and remove all history of the Sprint (including from issues tagged in that Sprint)

      Unable to completely remove a sprint, as well delete history records from a related issue(s).
      For further details and to reproduce the error, please follow the procedures below:

      1. Create a new project and raise new issues on it.
      2. In the GH global settings, enable the project and select Scrum in template and for Rapid Board
      3. Set a new Rapid Board to related project
      4. Create a Sprint and move the previous issue(s) to it.
      5. Try to find a version in the project (none)
      6. Check on planning board, no sprint.
      7. On the issue(s) screen, identify the "Agile" option value (sprint version).
      8. Delete the Rapid Board created.

      The issues will keep the sprint value.
      Here we have a related issue.

      Kindly regards,

      Paulo Renato
      Atlassian support


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