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Fisheye mail doesn't work with SMTPS



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    • 2.7.10, 4.5.3
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      Currently you can configure Fisheye to use TLS as we set mail.smtp.starttls.enable to TLS

      But if you're using SMTPS we need to set mail.smtp.ssl.enable value.

      This means Fisheye won't work with Amazon's SES SMTP gateway


      Option #1

      Use an SMTP proxy. Examples:

      Option #2

      Configure mail library using system properties. Steps:

      1. Create a javamail.address.map file in the JAVA_HOME/lib directory. Content of the file should be as follows. This file will switch default email protocol from smtp to smtps:


      Keep in mind that this will affect all Java applications running on this machine. In case Fisheye/Crucible is not the only one, consider installing another, dedicated JRE for Fisheye/Crucible with this file present.

      2. Set the following JVM properties in FISHEYE_OPTS

      -Dmail.smtp.ssl.enable=true -Dmail.smtps.auth=true -Dmail.smtps.host=smtp.gmail.com -Dmail.smtps.port=465
      • mail.smtp.ssl.enable - this will enable SMTPS instead of StartTLS
      • mail.smtps.auth - to require authentication for SMTPS
      • mail.smtps.host / mail.smtps.port - values from the 'Administration > Server > Mail server' page will be ignored when SMTPS is enabled, therefore you have to provide them using these flags; use your server address and port, the example above works with GMail

      You may also want to add the following ones:

      -Dmail.debug=true -Dmail.smtp.ssl.protocols=TLSv1.2
      • mail.debug - extra debug logging for troubleshooting
      • mail.smtp.ssl.protocols=TLSv1.2 - restrict protocol to TLS v 1.2

      3. Configure other mail settings on the 'Administration > Server > Mail server > Edit config' page

      • Use TLS/SSL = set to false, as you will be connecting via SMTPS, not StartTLS
      • Username / Password = put credentials


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