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Easily identify which files have changed from an svn merge



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      Refer to issue CRC-982.

      Since upgrading to Subversion 1.5, when there is a merge in Subversion, Fisheye shows a large number of files have had only their metadata changed.

      If you create a code review in Crucible from the change set, it includes all the files with only metadata changes in the review.

      e.g. Someone commits a merge that changes the content of 3 files, but changes the metadata on 300 files.

      This makes it impossible for the reviewer to find the actual changes to review.

      It is true that it is possible to review the changes for files that have actual changes.

      The problem is that after a merge there can be hundreds of files with only metadata changes (changes to the svn:mergeinfo property), and very few files with any actual changes.

      Before Subversion 1.5, Subversion didn't track merges, and so a merge didn't change any metadata. Since 1.5 a merge tracks which revisions are integrated, even if that didn't result in a change to the file.

      This means that you lose the actual file changes in the noise of svn:mergeinfo property changes.


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