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Backup of misconfigured SQL Server DB fails due to unknown type "datetime" (93)




      Backup fails with the error below when using SQL Server 2008 or newer database configured as SQL Server 2005 database. The error is:

      Backing up sql...
      1 rows written, 0 of 76 tables completed.
      422 rows written, 1 of 76 tables completed.
      425 rows written, 3 of 76 tables completed.
      426 rows written, 3 of 76 tables completed.
      432 rows written, 4 of 76 tables completed.
      Error reading database: Cannot encode value for unsupported column type: "datetime" (93) of column .created_date
      Backup failed

      As explained in Migrating to SQL Server SQL Server type needs to be specified when setting up database. SQL Server 2005 support was dropped in FishEye/Crucible 3.3 and it will be removed in future versions completely (CRUC-7712).

      No workaround

      As the SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008+ schema versions differ, there is no easy fix for the problem yet. Changing SQL Server type in Crucible database settings won't help.


      We fixed the issue and will release in the next point release. This will restore the backup capability.

      Updating schema

      4.0.4 release will workaround the problem of DB using old schema. If you want to update your schema to use correct SQL Server 2012 types, follow these steps:

      1. Update to 4.0.4 (to be released very soon)
      2. Update DB setting from "Type=SQLServer 2005" to "Type=SQLServer 2012"; do not update the URL, so no migration will be triggered (click 'Save', not 'Save & Migrate').
      3. Perform backup
      4. Restore backup

      The restored backup will set up the correct schema for SQL Server 2012.


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