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Command line messages on first install startup need to be improved


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      Currently, the command line output when first installing an eval is as follows:

      Tim-Buntels-MacBook-Pro:bin tbuntel$ ./run.sh
      10:45:02 INFO - FishEye/Crucible 2.3.4 (20100712032131), Built on 2010-07-12
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - =======================================================
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - Welcome to Crucible!
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - You need to configure an admin password and enter your
      10:45:02 INFO - license key. You can do this by accessing FishEye through
      10:45:02 INFO - a web browser, once the server has started:
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - http://hostaddress:8060/
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - Refer to the Crucible administration guide
      10:45:02 INFO - for more information:
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/CRUCIBLE/Crucible+101
      10:45:02 INFO -
      10:45:02 INFO - =======================================================
      10:45:02 INFO -
      Could not find a FishEye or Crucible license.
      Please visit http://my.atlassian.com to retrieve an existing license,
      quote BC7L-EZUQ-PL68-0GT5 to obtain a new license,
      or visit http://www.atlassian.com/fisheye/renew to renew your license.
      10:45:03 WARN - No license info available, not updating Crucible user count.
      10:45:03 INFO - Periodic polling for software updates is disabled.
      10:45:11 INFO - Starting plugin system...
      10:45:15 INFO - Starting database...
      10:47:04 INFO - Server started on :8060 (http) (control port on
      10:47:04 WARN - No license info available, not starting FishEye repositories.

      UGH!!! That's not a very friendly welcome! It makes it seem that things aren't working properly.

      We need to change these messages, both text and sequence, to direct users to the new HTML setup process.

      1. Check for license, display "Could not find a FishEye or Crucible license." if none found
      2. Output "Setting up evaluation version"
      3. Output INFO message on services starting (database, server, etc.)
      4. And finally display the big welcome block only when the server is actually running

      Welcome to Crucible!

      You need to complete the product installation through a web browser.
      Please access the set-up page at:

      Refer to the Crucible administration guide
      for more information:





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