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Associating crucible projects to jira projects is a PITA++, particularly as we follow the recommended convention


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      In jira you need to map jira projects to crucible projects, which AFAIK is only used when creating a review from jira. It is however necessary otherwise the user is presented with an unwieldy list.

      We have 400 jira projects, the intention is that they all use crucible at some point. So setting them up at /secure/admin/AssociateCruProjects.jspa is a pain. No doubt I could use the API to write something but why should I?

      You cannot use the same key as that screws up the links. So we follow the recommended convention for cru keys which is the jira key prepended with CR-.

      Can we have another radio button that says "follow recommended convention"? then I can do away with worrying about this page. You could even provide facility for a reg exp or something (although overkill in my opinion).

      cheers, jamie

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