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Confluence question topic and unanswered filter inconsistency between datacenter nodes




      Issue description

      Within Confluence datacenter version 5.10.8 and Confluence question plugin version 2.4.19, we've found 2 problems:

      1. the topic created on node 1 does not appear on node 2
      2. the answered question being done on node 1 is still showing in the unanswered filter on node 2

      Reproduction steps

      1. Topic issue:
        • Set up a Confluence datacenter with 2 nodes
        • Create a new topic on node 1
        • Check the topic list on node 2
      2. Unanswered question filter issue:
        • Create a new question on node 1 then add an answer
        • Check the unanswered filter on node 2

      Expected behavior

      1. Topic: the new topic should show on node 2
      2. Unanswered filter: the answered question should not show in the filter result on node 2

      Actual behavior

      1. Topic issue: the new topic does not appear on node 2
      2. Unanswered filter issue: The answered question appears in the unanswered filter result on node 2 and showing that there is an answer.

      Workaround solution (if you can not upgrade to Confluence 6 shortly)

      Disable and enable the Confluence question force the cache repopulation, however, the same issue will occur again on the newly created topic or question until next restart.




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