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Backups use original home in confluence-init.properties after being changed



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    • 6.4.0, 6.11.2, 6.6.13, 6.15.4
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      When changing the value for confluence.home in confuence-init.properties after original installation, the backups still use the original value.


      • Confluence 6.4.0

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install Confluence 6.4.0 (either installer or manually)
      2. Set Confluence up and compete configuration
        • At this point manual and nightly backups will be in <confluence-home>/backups
      3. Shutdown Confluence
      4. Edit <confluence-install>/WEB-INF/classes/confluence-init.properties and change confluence.home to a new location
      5. Move all the data from the original home directory to the new one
      6. Create the directory <original-confluence-home>/backups
      7. Restart Confluence
      8. Go to > General Configuration > Backup Administration and confirm that the backup path is the new destination
      9. Go to > General Configuration > Backup & Restore
      10. Check Archive to backups folder and click Back up

      Note now that we have the message

      An archive copy of the backup has been created at <original-confluence-home>/backups/xmlexport-20170913-165125-3.zip.

      And checking the directory we can see the file is in the original location still.

      Expected Results

      The backup goes to the new home backups folder.

      Actual Results

      The backup is dropped in the original backups folder.


      Using the XML export is not recommended as a production backup strategy

      The data is not changed in the bandana table

      select * from bandana where bandanakey ='atlassian.confluence.settings';

      and look for <backupPath>...</backupPath>


      Manually set the backup path via the steps in

      This is an unsuported change

      1. Shutdown Confluence
      2. Update the bananda table with a replace statement, for example
        update bandana set bandanavalue = replace(bandanavalue, '<backupPath>OLD BACKUP PATH</backupPath>', '<backupPath>NEW BACKUP PATH</backupPath>');


      • OLD_BACKUP_PATH is something like /var/atlassian/application-data/confluence/backups
      • NEW_BACKUP_PATH is something like /mnt/confluence/backups

      Additional Note

      • Moving from Server to Data Center, the backup path is not changed to "<shared-home>/backups" instead follows the old location "<local-home>/backups"


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