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Allow importing of numbered headings from word while doing a split up



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      we are looking forward to switch our whole process documentation for our subsidiaries from Word to Confluence.
      The already existing documentation is formatted in word with headings, so while doing the import we can choose weather to create sub-topics or not. As we often have really big manuals this makes totally sense. After importing some test manuals we noticed that unfortunately the order of the subtopics created out of the headings in word is just alphabetical! There is no way to get the old structure back. For example you have a document with three headings.

      Documentname = My Thesis
      1. Introduction
      2. Main Part
      3. End

      From this results in Confluence:
      A page "My thesis" with the TOC shown above
      and the three children introduction, main part and end. In the side bar and the child macro those topics get shown in an alphabetical order. That means I get as list

      • End
      • Introduction
      • Main Part

      That makes navigating with the sidebar basically useless. Therefore I ideally would suggest two options:
      1. Allow importing the number of the numbered heading from word to the title of the page so sorting works out automatically

      2. Allow chronological sorting as kind of work around to show at least the correct order of pages


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