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      I really love the global "g then x" pattern to navigate around Confluence. I get quite a lot of use out of g+g or / to open quick search, and g+d is useful for getting to the dashboard, but after using these a bit, I found myself expecting there to be a shortcut for navigating directly to the homepage of a targeted space.

      In other words, I envision:

      • g then (p) - opens a space picker dialog
      • type the first few characters of the desired space to filter the list
      • hit enter once the desired space is highlighted; browser navigates to that space

      At present, you can sort of do this with the quick search, but you will have to type more characters to filter the list properly, and will still have to hit the down arrow a couple of times to pass over the list of pages down to the space results. A dedicated shortcut and picker would be much better for this.

      I'm not sure what key should be used for this – my expectation was that g+s would fit the best, and "browse current" would be set to g+c or something. But that's not the important part!


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