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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      I would like a way to view all inline comments at once. This is mostly related to how I like to consume content and is a personal thing, but I think it's worth raising anyway (I doubt I'm alone).

      I read a page and then scroll down through the comments. I don't read every one, but rather a few things will prompt me to read a particular comment:

      1. The name of the commenter - if it's someone with interesting opinions I'm more likely to want to read what they have to say
      2. The ones with lots of replies
      3. The ones that start with interesting phrases like 'I disagree', 'let me play devils advocate' etc
      4. The long comments where people are obviously passionate about the topic
      5. Ones that have a standout sentence in bold or a headline or something eye catching
      6. Inline comments that are unresolved

      With inline comments, I can't immediately see if a little yellow bar has 80 passionate comments underneath it, and unless I click on every highlighted word, I'm likely to miss out on important discussion. I feel like I can scan down a page and get a vibe from the page comments too, which I'm now missing with inline comments.

      For me, I feel like it's taken away some of the inclusive and easy nature of collaboration that Confluence is amazing for.


      1. Have a way as the author to change an inline comment into a page comment, and start it with the highlighted text in a quote. That way if something becomes a vital discussion it can be moved to a place it will be more visible to casual page viewers
      2. Have a 'view all' button that does the above for all inline comments for the current viewer only
      3. Have a user setting that does the above for all pages by default (ie disable inline comments per user)
      4. Display a count of comments in the top right of the highlighted text so it's easy to see where the discussion is


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