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Recover Permissions - does not work on a site if jira-administrators group not set




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      To reproduce, create a space "TestBug" in Confluence, then do the following on the space permissions:

      1. Strip out all Anonymous access from TestBug
      2. Remove the jira-administrators group from group permissions (note we are using integrated access from JIRA)
      3. Add in admin-user1 to the individual users section
      4. Login as admin-user2
      5. Confirm that admin-user2 is unable to see TestBug space in list of spaces
      6. Go to Confluence Admin -> Space Permissions
      7. Press the "Recover Permissions" button for TestBug
      8. It should change to "Manage Permissions"; try to click that link
      9. You should get to an error page saying Not Permitted

      Now, back as admin-user1, you can validate that admin-user2 got added to the individual users section as an Admin, but has no View access, so cannot see the admin page.

      This is bad news if you dont have a fellow admin to help you unlock yourself or regain access.


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