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Add buttons for switching between RTL and LTR text input to the RTE



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      Actually I have a question which could be related to a new feature in JIRA as well.
      As you may know, there are languages such as Farsi, Arabic etc which the order of writing is Right-to-Left. It is an old and typical problem which we have when we try to type in our language (Farsi) using English words between them...so the order of words mismatches. However there is a very simple solution: To insert a unicode character at the beginning of the text field. Simply, this unicode says, the text which I'm gonna insert should be considered as a Right-to-Left text.

      One way which I think might be useful is, to write a Javascript (it has been written already) and load it at the all pages of JIRA.
      Basically, this JS works either by pressing two keys (e.g Ctrl+Alt) or by clicking on a link. My question is:

      How can I use this JavaScrpit especially when I want to write the name of the Issue? (Task name field)

      I'm just showing how the JS file can be used in an HTML file as follow:

      ~~~ <head></head>
      ~~~ <body>
      ~~~ <p>Try typing in the following textbox. CTRL+ALT changes language
      ~~~ and SHIFT+SPACE inserts a Zero-Width-Non-Joiner character:</p>
      ~~~ <script language="javascript" src="isiri2901.js"></script>
      ~~~ <center>
      ~~~ <a href="javascript:setPersian(document.getElementById('testtextarea'))">Persian</a> /
      ~~~ <a href="javascript:setEnglish(document.getElementById('testtextarea'))">English</a>
      ~~~ <form dir="rtl" lang="fa">
      ~~~ <textarea id="testtextarea" name="testtextarea" cols="40" rows="15"
      ~~~ onkeydown="return PersianKeyDown(event)"
      ~~~ onkeypress="return PersianKeyPress(event)"></textarea>
      ~~~ </form>
      ~~~ </center>
      ~~~ </body>


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