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Date field in Jira macro displays wrong time if default Jira timezone is different from GMT-3




      Issue Summary

      When adding the Jira issue macro with a Date Field to a page, Confluence takes into account the default timezone setting in Jira to display the time.

      This happens when the default time zone from Jira is different from the one in Confluence. The Confluence time zone is the same as the maintenance window from the site.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In Jira, go to General configuration.
      2. On Default user time zone, choose a timezone different from the one on your maintenance window.
      3. Create a Jira issue with a Date field. Set a time for this field.
      4. Go to Confluence and add a Jira macro.
      5. Add the issue you created and choose to display the Date field.

      In Jira, the time will be a time difference between the Default Setting in Jira and the time zone from your maintenance window.

      It doesn't take into account the time zone under personal settings.

      Expected Results

      The time should be the same in Jira and Confluence.

      Actual Results

      Time is different in Jira and Confluence


      Having the default Jira timezone to be the same as the maintenance window from the site. This might not be possible for most of the users.




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