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Connect context parameters that tell us which editor (legacy, fabric, etc.) was used to compose the page



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      Suggestion: Provide apps the ability to detect when macro is in old or new page, so that the app will be able to style macros w/ stylesheet from parent page, using context parameters.

      As developers of Atlassian Connect apps we need a way to tell if the macro is in a fabric page or an old page.

      We run into problems where we need to know what kind of a page the macro is being rendered in. Also, rendering iframes in macros is difficult to style because we don't have a stylesheet that matches the parent page.

      For example:
      We are currently struggling to render font sizes and some subtle line rendering in frames in our macros to look good in both old and new pages and it is looking like we can make it look good in one or the other.
      (what we really need for that one is for Atlassian to provide a stylesheet to the connect macro that matches the parent page's styles so we can us it inside of iframes. )

      Another example:
      There are caching bugs for fabric pages with Connect macros in them. We reported this with DEVHELP-4036. Until that is fixed we would like to render a warning in our macro editor (only for fabric/new pages).

      We probably have other examples. I'm new to the Atlassian ecosystem so my explanations may be weak but my colleagues have lots of experience with it and I can consult further with them if necessary. Please let me know if this issue needs clarification.

      I'm assigning a high severity to this issue because more and more of our customers are using fabric pages, especially new customers. It is difficult to sell our macros if they render poorly styled content.


      Existing apps (IDs) in Marketplace that are affected:

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