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Misleading message for Jira issues macro from a different instance




      Issue Summary

      In Confluence, the user can configure an Application Links to a Jira instance from a different site URL in order to display content from Jira inside macros like the Jira issues one. Once the link is configured, in order to add a Jira issue macro from the different site, the user will need to tap the Login & Approve button in order to authenticate and Allow the Oauth token to be created.

      If a different user that has not authenticated yet tries to see the page with the Jira issue macro from a different instance, it will keep spinning until it eventually displays a message that there was an error retrieving the Jira issues macro, instead of asking the same to authenticate in order to see it. This can cause confusion as the user believes that an error might have happened, instead of needing to either create new Jira issues macro in a page, or, edit an existing one in order to use the Login & Approve button.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Make sure to have Jira and Confluence from two different sites (e.g. jira.atlassian.net and confluence.atlassian.net).
      2. As an administrator of both instances, from Confluence go to Settings > Application Links and create a new application link pointing to the Jira instance.
      3. After having it created, access a page and insert the Jira issues macro and point it to correct Jira instance.
      4. Tap the Login & Approve button in order to use a valid JQL and find issues to be inserted from the target Jira instance.
      5. Ask for a different user (with access to Jira and Confluence) to access the page and check the Jira issues macro.

      Expected Results

      The macro should be displaying an error pointing that the user must authenticate in order to see the content.

      Actual Results

      The macro keeps spinning (Getting issue details) and eventually has an error that the content could not be displayed.


      To see the issue, the user must either:

      1. Create a new Jira issue macro in order to retrieve the Login & Approve link to authenticate.
      2. Or edit the Jira issue macro with issues and the Login & Approve button will be displayed

      Ideally, the pop-up should have the option to Login & Approve in order to see the Jira issues macro, or, creating an application link should also create the impersonation (optionally, as it used to happen with the deprecated "Oauth impersonation" authentication for application links) method for existing users in Jira and Confluence.


      No workaround besides having the user authenticating to see the Jira issues macro after a couple of minutes.




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