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Task List: Ability to prioritize tasks



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Love the new Task List features in 5.5.4! Using Due Dates, using the Task Report Blueprint (multiple views with different labels). The features are certainly helping my team's productivity!

      One thing that is missing (for me) is the ability to prioritize.

      Use case: I have a member of my team that has been pulled off onto a fire drill project. She has a backlog of tasks building up in Confluence and some truly are more urgent than others. I have no way to prioritize these outside of utilizing some type of SOP in the task description (yuck!).

      Implementation suggestion: While I would love to prioritize by drag and drop (a la Jira Agile), I fully understand this can be a bit misleading with all of the different task view - my tasks, my assigned tasks, this task report, that task report, etc. Perhaps something like how Due Date is implemented? Some prescribed keystroke to pull up a pre-set set list of priorities (H, M, L) or 1-10 or something.



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