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Ability to configure the maximum number of issues displayed in the JIRA issues macro



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      In earlier versions, the JIRA issue macro had a pagination feature. This feature was removed due to observed low feature usage, in addition with our strategic focus to simplify the Confluence user interface and to keep and complex JIRA operations in JIRA. My apologies for the may customers that were quickly impacted by this, we could have done a better job in communicating this and ensuring we had understood your needs with regards to this matter.

      Since then we've received a lot of feedback to bring back pagination. Thank you for those of you who provided helpful comments below, and for those customers we have been able to speak to about this. With this in mind, we have concluded the following:

      • It is very clear that the current issue limit we have is insufficient and does not meet most of your needs.
      • It is important for you to be able to see all the issues requested
      • We still believe that the use case of navigating 100+ issues within inside Confluence is something that is extremely low and is something which should be done in JIRA.
      • Some of you mentioned of the importance of seeing this also in PDF exports when you share the release notes or pages with customers.

      With that in mind, what will we be doing to address this?
      1. We will look at increasing the limit of the total number of visible issues
      2. In addition, we will look at providing a parameter to configure this.
      Note: You will always be limited by the total amount of issues JIRA provides, but this setting can be changed.
      3. We will be looking at also implementing CONF-30114 (sorting) to assist with dealing with larger issue lists in Confluence.

      Thank you all for your patience in this matter, we will update this issue as we make progress.

      Sherif Mansour
      Confluence Product Manager

      Previous description:

      The new JIRA issues macro does not paginate. This feature request is to help us better understand why customers want this.
      If you are going to comment on this ticket, please provide some understanding for why you want pagination. We removed this feature because we saw very low usage of it. Since then, we've had a few requests to bring it back.

      One way we could solve the majority use case is to increase the default amount of search results displayed. We are a bit hesitant to bring this back as we want to understand what it is that we are missing. If you are embedding 50/100+ issues on a page and want pagination, you probably shouldn't be doing that in Confluence, but rather the JIRA issue navigator - that is why we tell you "there are xxx more issues, open in JIRA".

      Please help us understand why you want this and some examples where you really do have lots of issues on a page that you want your end-users to read (if that is the use case)


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