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Discarding a shared draft for a new page does not allow other users to save or discard the changes in the page afterwards




      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.



      Two users are editing a newly created page, whereby user A created the page and passed the URL <base-url>/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=xxxxx&draftShareId=xxxxx to user B.

      Outcome #1

      If user A closes the editor (as the creator of the page draft), user B will not be able to publish the changes or close the editor.

      Outcome #2

      If user B closes the editor, the user gets an error in the top-right corner of the editor that says, "There were errors discarding your draft. An unknown error has occurred. Please check your logs."

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Login as user A in a browser and login as user B in incognito browser.
      2. As user A, create a new page.
      3. Copy paste the link in incognito browser so user B can join the editing session.
      4. Add some text.
      For outcome #1
      1. Get user A to click on 'Close' and 'Discard everyone's changes'.
      2. Afterwards, get user B to try to publish the page.
      For outcome #2:
      1. Get user B to click on 'Close' and 'Discard everyone's changes'.

      Expected Results

      For both outcome #1 and #2, the page should be able to be discarded or saved depending on the user's option.

      Actual Results

      For outcome #1:

      The page just loads, but nothing happens. This is what we see in the browser console:

      For outcome #2:

      We see the following error in the editor:


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