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Space export options imply attachments are not included


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      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      A lot of customer confusion over whether attachments are included in XML space exports. https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DOC/Exporting+Confluence+Pages+and+Spaces+to+XML?focusedCommentId=641663205#comment-641663205

      The description on the Full Export option is misleading, and says:

      Generates a XML file for each page in this space, including those not visible to you, and excluding blogs, comments, and attachments.

      This has led customers to believe that attachments are not included, when they are.

      I've drafted some new text for the page below:

      Full Export
      Generates an XML file containing all pages in the space, including those not visible to you.
      Custom Export
      Generates an XML file containing only selected pages.

      Also, when logged in with Confluence administrator permissions (not a member of the confluence-administrator group), you see this message

      Export the space to a zipped XML file. You can import the XML file into earlier Confluence versions from 5.3 to 5.7-m15, and into compatible later versions. When importing, please refer to the compatibility information on your Confluence Backup & Restore administration page.

      It contains a link that is only accessible to Sysadmins - I think this text is meant to only appear when someone has System Administrator permissions.


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