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Internal administrator health check failing possibly due to high number of internal directory users


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      The internal administrator health check throws a false negative, most likely due to a high number of users in the internal directory.


      An instance with a large number of users, e.g.: 17,000 or so.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Startup Confluence with latest Confluence Instance Health.
      2. Ensure there are local admin users setup.
      3. Browse to the instance health page.

      Expected Results

      The health check passes, there are local admin users configured.

      Actual Results

      The health check fails, with a false positive.


      I was able to reproduce this behavior by restoring a customer's backup. The internal directory, which is the only directory, contains 17,400+ users. The internal administrator health check fails, even though there are seven administrators set up, either through confluence-administrators membership or explicit global permissions. After removing all but the seven administrators, the health check shows a green result as expected.

      Based on the code, the check works by loading up all of the internal directory users, and then iterating through the set to find administrators. There appears to be a maximum of 1000 set on the user entity query. Could this indeed be causing the false negative?

      Temporary Workaround until bug is fixed

      1. Go to > Add-ons
      2. Click to expand the Confluence Healthcheck Plugin
      3. Click to expand the 29 of 29 modules on the right side
      4. Locate and disable the module named confluence.healthcheck.directory.internal.name (internalAdminCheck)


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