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Vertical spacing removed on preview or publish after certain user operations


    NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


    Using some operations are causing vertical spacing between the macros to be stripped out as auto-cursor-target class is applied.

    Steps to Reproduce

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Start creating a newpage
    2. Insert a block macro (e.g. the info macro)
    3. Insert another macro below the first (e.g. another info macro)
    4. In the space between the two macros, add a line break (in the editor DOM there are now two paragraphs between the macros - one with the auto-cursor-target class and one without)
    5. Click on preview and observe that there is vertical spacing between the macros
    6. Perform one of the "user operations" listed below - do this below the two macros to make the effect clearer to observe (in the editor DOM, both paragraphs between the macros now have the auto-cursor-target class applied)
    7. Click on preview and observe that the vertical spacing between the macros has been stripped out

    User operations known to cause this issue:

    • Wiki autoformatting (e.g. when you type h2. followed by a space to trigger heading formatting)
    • Cutting content (e.g. via cmd + v shortcut)

    This issue is only reproducible on instances that do not have the collaborative editing feature enabled.

    Expected Results

    The spaces are not modified

    Actual Results

    Vertical spacing between the macros were stripped out.


    Use operations on the top menu when available, such as selecting a text and making it title, instead of using h2..


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