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JIRA Issue Macro is repeated when adding 2 JIRA Issue Macro from the same issue key



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      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Steps to replicate :

      1. Install Confluence 5.10 and JIRA 7.0.9 core (Issue can be replicated with JIRA software 7.0.1 as well)
      2. Integrate Confluence with JIRA
      3. Create JIRA project named jiratest with the project key JIR
      4. Create a JIRA issue in that project
      5. Login to Confluence 5.10 and create a new Space
      6. In the new Space create a new a page named test jira
      7. Insert a JIRA macro for JIR-1 and set to show the following column only in the display options :
        Summary, Created, Updated, Due Date, Reporter, Priority, Status, Resolution
      8. Insert another JIRA macro for JIR-1 and set to show the following column only in the display options :
        Issue Type, Created, Updated, Assignee

      Existing behavior : Both JIRA macro is showing the exact column that is being set by the first JIRA macro created on the page as you can see from the screenshot below :

      You can also see that the second JIRA macro shown have the following columns :

      Expected behavior : Both JIRA macro should show the appropriate columns configured.


      Click edit on the page then click edit on the JIRA macro that is showing the wrong column. From there insert the JIRA macro back to the page and the issue should be resolved.

      Please note that this issue will occur on existing pages if Confluence is being upgraded from earlier version to Confluence 5.10


      Thanks again for your patience everyone. We have now released fixed versions of JIRA Macros to the Marketplace. JIRA Macros version 6.0.12 is compatible with Confluence 5.10.x, and JIRA Macros version 7.1.4 is compatible with Confluence version 6.0.x.

      You can update JIRA Macros by going to Admin > Manage Add ons, and the update will be available for all compatible versions there.

      If the update is not listed and you are on Confluence 5.9 or below, you will need to upgrade Confluence to get this fix.

      The fixed version will be bundled in Confluence 6.0.2, so no action needs to be taken if you are using 6.0.2 or above.


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