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Slow reindexing since Confluence 5.9.x with MySQL 5.5.x


      We would like to upgrade from Confluence 5.8.10 to Confluence 5.9.x, but so far we find the re-indexing performance intolerable. Our Prod instance is at 5.8.10 and we have 3 test instances. One at 5.8.10, one at 5.8.18 and one at 5.9.6. We are using MySQL 5.5.22 for all and the test instances are all on the same server.

      The two 5.8.x test instances change reindex 32K objects in about 15 minutes. We have tried 5.9.3 and now 5.9.6 for our 3rd test instance and both 5.9.3 and 5.9.6 take just under 4 hours to rebuild the same 32K objects.

      We were hopeful that the fix mentioned in CONF-40544 and part of 5.9.5 would correct our situation, but it appears to have done nothing for the problem. We will not be able to keep Confluence current until this is resolved.

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