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New Dashboard Resources breaking JS on dashboard for custom theme add-ons



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      Hi Team

      We encounter a very big issue for our product, the Enterprise Theme and I assume other Theme venders will have same issues. Without an solution we have no way to become compatible with Confluence 5.9 and this will break our business and I hope that you will help us as one of your premium partners.

      If you use a plugin theme for Confluence which overwrites the global decorator, an JS error is thrown if you don't have the new elements of the new dashboard on the page.

      Because of this errors all other JS isn't executed and the page is broken.
      Switching to the old dashboard style helps, but how can I force this within the plugin, for example if the theme is activate after an upgrade.
      I saw the entry in the database to use the simple dashboard, but this entry is only user based - doesn't help.

      Maybe a configuration point within the theme module could be an easy solution vor you.Just an true/ false for the new dashboard mode, like you have introduced it for the sidebar before.

      This issue brokes the complete dashboard functionality of our Enterprise Theme and I testet with other themes, they have the same issue.

      Could you give us an hint, how we can prevent loading these standard dashboard resources, because if you have a custom dashboard you don't need these breaking resources.

      I hope you can give us any help or you could fix this error in one of the next releases.

      I attached some screens to show you the issue and a pre version of our Enterprise Theme, so that you can test it.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Install the add-on
      2. Active the theme
      3. Create a Theme dashboard with the blueprint Global dashboard
      4. Select this Theme dashboard on the dashboard . => The TopStories Slider couldn't be loaded because of JS errors

      Expected Results
      No JavaScript Errors from the new dashboard Resources and the new resources weren't loaded

      JavaScript Errors from the not needed resources, which break other JS.

      Best Greetings from Switzerland



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