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A third party plugin named Metadata is breaking the Page properties macro




      Currently we are having a lot of tickets regarding the Page Properties macro not showing in the Macro Browser.

      I found that if you install this plugin it breaks the searching(or the Page Properties plugin).

      Previously, the Page Properties used to be named as Metadata, maybe the problem is related to that.

      You can't get support for the Metadata plugin or contact its the developers, but a lot of users are using this plugin and don't want to delete it.

      We need to manage a way to keep both plugins usable(The Metadata plugin and the Page Properties).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download the Metadata plugin.
      2. Install it.
      3. Go to any page and edit.
      4. Open the Macro Browser.
      5. Try searching for Page Properties.

      Current Behaviour:
      The Page properties will not be displayed in the Macro Browser, so our users won't be able to use it.

      Expected Behaviour
      The Page Properties macro will be displayed with the Metadata plugin installed in Confluence and our users will be able to use both macros/plugins.




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