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Create an offline client for Confluence



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      It would be excellent to have an offline client for Confluence so that people can work on Confluence pages offline and then resync their changes when they are back online and resolve any conflicts during the sync process.

      Workarounds to provide offline access, such as using MS Word import/exports, are discussed at http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DISC/Offline+Confluence+Access

      Atlassian Status as of September 12, 2011

      Hi Everyone,
      Thanks for all your feedback on this issue. Over time we've been considering the strategic nature of this feature request to Confluence. While an offline client for Confluence would be useful to many people, Atlassian is focusing its efforts on improving the experience for users who are online and able to access the wiki server. This covers a broad range of uses, including support for a variety of computing platforms and devices. With that in mind, we wish to advise that we won't be implementing an offline client in the foreseeable future.

      We believe implementing an offline client to our product would be a good opportunity for a partner or third-party offering. With that in mind, there are already two potential solutions that can help you:

      • Firestarter by AppFire (Commercial)
        Firestarter enables users to take Confluence offline through a simple USB drive. Any changes made offline can then be synced back to the central Confluence server. Learn more about Firestarter.
      • RoadRunner by Artemis Software (Open-source, unsupported)
        RoadRuner allows users to take Confluence content offline, make changes and sync back with their Confluence server at a later stage. This plugin is open-sourced, maintained by the community and unsupported. Learn more about RoadRunner.

      Sherif Mansour
      Confluence Product Manager
      sherif at atlassian dot com


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