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Caching problems can cause the option to create JIRA Issue from highlighting text to become missing



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      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      Problem summary

      Since Confluence 5.4, it is possible create JIRA issues by highlighting text on a Confluence page. A dialog will pop-up over the highlighted text, with an option to create a comment from the quote, or to create an issue in JIRA.

      However, we've observed instances where the Create JIRA option is missing (but the comment-from-quote option is still there) seemingly intermittently, without explicit change to the system from users or administrators.


      There can be more than one cause for this Create JIRA ticket option to not appear with text highlights:

      • The plugin Confluence and Jira Content Connector might be disabled
      • The plugin Page Highlight Actions might be disabled
      • The individual user might have the "Show option panel when text is selected" setting unchecked in Profile > Settings

      However, in the cases Support has observed, these avenues have already been explored. There are no errors in logs or in the UI, and the intermittent nature makes this issue particularly difficult to troubleshoot. The JIRA icon is simply missing when text is highlighted.

      Steps to reproduce

      This issue is intermittent, and we do not have clear steps to reproduce. However, the problem appears to be with the in-memory cache.


      We've found that the problem may be related to an in-memory cache store, and some customers have had success getting the functionality back by flushing the cache (via Confluence Admin > Cache Management (or Cache Statistics) > Flush all). Restarting Confluence may also restore the functionality.

      Running a Content Index from Confluence administration >> Content indexing >> Rebuild, will clear this out.

      Confluence Cloud instances will need to file a support request at https://support.atlassian.com to request we run this for you due to permission restrictions on both flushing cache and content indexing.


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