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Slow load speed for page using Page Properties Macro report


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      NOTE: This bug report is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.

      I have recently started migrating our content from using the Metadata plugin to the Page Properties macro. I am doing this because the Metadata plugin seems to be no longer fully supported and does not have rich text support.

      We collect the data from page properties macros into a single page using the page properties report in the same way we used to with the Metadata-list and Metadata-report macros. We edit the page and replace the existing metadata-list macro with the Page Properties macro.

      This has resulted in extremely slow load speeds for the pages using the page properties report macro.

      Page Load speed
      Page with "Page Properties Report" macro ~38 seconds
      Page without "Page Properties Report" macro ~1 second

      For the example above: There are 780 pages in the space. No restricted pages in the space. I am asking the report to show only properties of pages with a single label.

      I suspect there is a conflict between the Metadata plugin and the Page Prroperties macro.


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