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Prevent users to override the global site home page



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Specific companies policies might need to have a common home page set for all users and currently, a confluence user personal setting will overwrite the global home page as stated in the documentation.

      Confluence admin should have a setting to "force" the global home page over user settings.


      I could create this query that will show all users that have a home page set instead of using the global home page:

      SELECT um.username, os.entity_key, os.string_val FROM OS_PROPERTYENTRY os
      JOIN user_mapping um on um.user_key = trim('USERPROPS-' FROM os.entity_name)
      WHERE os.entity_key = 'confluence.user.site.homepage';

      and this delete sql will remove their setting leaving only the global home page setting.

      DELETE FROM os_propertyentry WHERE entity_key = 'confluence.user.site.homepage';

      Remember, always perform a full backup of the database before performing any update or delete query on it.


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