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Cannot insert "Created vs Resolved" JIRA Chart macro





      "Created vs Resolved" JIRA Chart macro cannot be inserted with the following condition:

      • when using Chinese or Japanese (maybe other non-English languages also)
      • when Confluence is running on Windows

      Steps to reproduce

      This is how I reproduced:

      1. Prepare vanilla Windows 7 Pro
      2. Change the System Locale to Japanese (and restart the OS as required)
      3. Install Confluence 5.8.4 and JIRA 6.4.7, and create an Application Link between them
      4. On JIRA, Create some issues, and change the language to Japanese
      5. On Confluence, click "Create" button and try to insert "Created vs Resolved" JIRA Chart macro (but end in failure)

      Original description by the customer

      Insert the other macros in the confluence text, encounter problems using the JIRA chart.
      Search to the data, selecting managers or priority, error, tips
      Because the execution error, can not show the macro JIRA chart

      I found the following clues in the log:

      2014-05-05 11:10:26693 ERROR [http-8090-101] [confluence.plugins.jira.ChartProxyServlet] getRedirectImgLink Unable to parse JIRA chart macro JSON to object
      - url: /plugins/servlet/jira-chart-proxy userName: lie |
      Com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: com.google.gson.stream.MalformedJsonException: Unterminated object near &quot; statType&quot; &quot;: Á - è ä û ‰ ∫?, &quot; imageMap&quot: &quot; <map; id=\&quot;

      Seems to be Chinese garbled caused by Json could not be resolved, may be required to submit a Atlassian to look at.

      PS:I use the Chinese language,JIRA creates no problem。


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