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Lots of text inside a diff view of a bodied macro doesn't compress unchanged text with an elipsis



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Server. Using Confluence Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      We heavily use macro "containers" like the Numbered Headings plugin, and I noticed that page version comparisons don't seem to present the same "terse" delta of changes within a "container" that it does with content outside of a container.

      For a decently large page where much of the content is inside a container, targeted changes end up with version comparisons distributed by email that are very hard to skim to understand the often small set of changes. The same holds for comparisons pulled up in the Confluence web site.

      I established a test page for this that included a block of content that was at the top level of the page, a block of content inside an "Info" macro, and a block of content inside a NumberedHeadings macro. After making a targeted change to each block, a version comparison tersely presents the delta for the top content block (that wasn't contained in a macro), while it includes the entirety of the two containers.

      If my memory serves, an older version of Confluence might have had a "jump to next difference" set of anchor links on the left hand side, so re-introducing something like that could help mitigate this, but I would also think that it is probably reasonable to just show the same focused delta view within a container.

      I created a sample page in a Sandbox wiki space in my install. I exported that page to the attached SANDBOX-120416-2.xml.zip, and I also attached a screen capture of the page contents itself, and a screen capture of the diff. I just changed the word "fox" to "dog" in each of its 3 occurrences on the page.

      NOTE: I had originally brought this up under the Atlassian Answers forum, and hence the following thread could be commented on at https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/151202/suggestion-question-about-breakdown-in-terse-version-comparisons as this issue moves through its lifecycle.


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