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Dashed word in Confluence OnDemand automatically creates a link to a non-existent JIRA issue




      Cases for dates, ISBNs and hyphen separated phone numbers have been fixed. Issue still persists for patterns matching strings in the form of JIRA issue keys i.e. XX-9.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a new blank page on Confluence OnDemand and type a string with at least two alphabetical characters, and at least one number separated by a dash - E.G. "UTF-8".
        • During the edition, the text is normal.
      2. Hit the preview or direct save the page and the text separated by hyphens will become a hyperlink, see this screenshot.
        • The hyperlink in this page will point to https://<base_url>/browse/UTF-8 which is not a valid URL

      Fix notes

      • Issue is caused in instances with JIRA app link. JIRA App link URL patterns are matched using regex alone which is insufficient.
      • The same behavior doesn't occur on the same version of Confluence Standalone.
      • One difference that was observed between OnDemand and Standalone is that on OnDemand there is by default a plugin called Application Links, see this screenshot.
      • On Confluence Standalone this plugin doesn't exist by default, see this screenshot


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